Savings Tip 101: Take yourself on a dollar store shopping spree…

There is nothing more refreshing than to be able to spend a little money. Its even better when it’s “guilt free”. I wanted to celebrate my making it a little over the halfway mark to saving my first $1,000.00, but I also didn’t want to be ridiculous and “overspend” either.

As you can see in the photo above I went on a little shopping spree recently. I wanted to show my findings because some people think that the dollar store is for the broke. Personally I believe the dollar store is for the WISE!! Look at ALL the cool stuff that I found. If I were to buy theses products above at a local store like Walmart I would have spent far more than the $16.00 that I spent on the items above.

At the Dollar Tree you can fill up your cart
and feel like you’ve come out on top of the world!

Items I picked up on my random quest:

  • Pink & Gold Shower puff
  • Glad sandwich bags
  • Glad 1 gallon storage bags
  • 4 glass coffee mugs
  • 1 appliance light bulb (refrigerator light went out, YIKES!)
  • Letters for my wall ( Home decor Items! WHAT!)
  • Facial Wipes (Cleans better than the name brand HELLO! Video review Coming soon.)
  • Secret deodorant
  • Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste
  • Coconut body oil spray (smells and feels so good my skin hasn’t been dry all day!)
  • 3 Kitchen Gadgets
  • Aim Toothpicks (gotta clean between those teeth!)

I think I had some pretty great finds on my trip. Saving money is already hard enough but it doesn’t have to be boring. Make it fun by celebrating every small success and take yourself on a dollar store shopping trip! Its fun, I felt like I spent a lot of money (but, I didn’t), and I ended up grabbing things for myself that actually turned out being AWESOME!! (seriously, video review coming soon).

Even though I call it a random quest I did plan for it, I knew I didn’t want to spend more than $20. I’m learning to plan for things, when I make financial decisions whether big or small. It helps me opens my eyes to seeing if the stuff I want to purchase are a need or a want. I’m learning a whole heck of a lot of patience on this money saving journey also. Is it still a struggle? ABSOLUTELY!! but as the days go by it gets a little easier and your heart doesn’t feel as bruised when you have to say no to something.

Saving has opened my eyes to seeing where I really waste quite a few dollars and I’m still adjusting my life to not do that as much. I’m in the process of renewing my mind before I buy things.

For Example:

Old Mind Thought: Its taco Tuesday my car almost auto drives into the parking lot of Taco Casa for 3 tacos and a large sweet tea. Totals about $5.14

Vs. New Mind Thought: I can save the money and make tacos at home and brew my own sweet tea OR just not buy any tacos and keep rolling! Lord knows I don’t need them.

I know that was a bad example but all I’m trying to say is everything is a choice and if you want to save money you really have to think about the outcome of every decision that you want to make BEFORE you spend a dime.

It also helps to have some accountability, find someone to cheer you on. I’m extremely lucky to have someone on my side that encourages me and believes in me, it really helps. This journey is going to be a long one but in the end worth it.

Try to motivate yourself
to save!

What are some of your favorite findings at the dollar store?


Happy 1st Birthday Melanin Homemaker!!

One year ago on March 18th, 2018 I decided to start my blogging journey. I love to write and share topics that I feel are important to me and could possibly be useful to others. This has been a learning process and so far I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Through my journey I’ve met some really wonderful bloggers out there. We don’t always share the same niche (some we do) but its been great building those relationships. I would like to thank all of my supporters and followers, you make me feel special. Knowing that you all are apart of my blogging journey gives me a purpose. Please keep the motivation coming. I’m looking forward to celebrating my second year already!

Delicious, Quick Low Carb, Keto Friendly snack the ENTIRE family will enjoy!!

Parmesan Crisps

    1 pack of shredded Parmesan cheese
    Dry Basil Leaves
    Turkey Pepperoni (or not if you eat pork)
    Parchment paper
    Cookie Sheet

Preheat Oven to 350 Degrees

Place the parchment paper on the cookie sheet.

Make little cheese piles that are slightly rounded and top with basil and a pepperoni. Place in the oven for 5-7 minutes and let cool and serve.

Every time I make these I pretty much end up eating them as I go because they are so delicious. My Boys love them! It’s a low carb and Keto diet friendly snack if that matters to anyone reading about this snack. I personally found it when I just wanted to make healthier choices when it came to eating habits. Once you try them leave me a comment and let me know how yours came out!

Family Skate Night!

It’s spring break around these parts so we went out and enjoyed a nice, fun evening skating! It brought back so many memories from when I was a kid. We would go to the skating rink all the time. It was a lot of fun.

I’ve taken my kids before but not often so they were falling and a little rusty.

Faith got the hang of it right away and carefully took her time. You can see that she was feeling that freeing feeling. She was In her own world wearing her beats listening to her own tunes and circling around the rink.

Uriah went straight over and onto the wooden floor fearlessly, he fell down several times until his buns couldn’t take it anymore but I enjoyed watching him go around the rink proud and full of confidence no matter how many people passed him up. He really worked hard to gain his ground and kept pushing.

Then we have Josiah at first he was terrified and shaking. So we removed the skates and sat them on the counter to be returned. As we all know from previous blogs that this child really does the most. So once we put up the skates he starts yelling for the skates. His brother went back and got them. I was so tempted NOT to give them to him because he was throwing a tantrum. Well he got his skates back on and this time we didn’t get scared he actually went out on the rink with me after skating on the carpet for a little while. He even tried to dance with skates on it was to cute!

I had a good time. Back when I was young we just skated like it was nothing. My right hip and legs had the nerve to be sore! I didn’t realize what a workout it is to skate but it was so much fun to share this experience with my kids because it was huge part of my history growing up. Also shout out to my friend for telling us about $3 Thursday’s! You can’t beat that price and it gave us something financial friendly to so during spring break.

Free Spring Break Fun!!

Faith & Her Friend at the park

I’m all about saving money and making sure that the kids still get an opportunity to make memories. In this case my 13 year old and her friend went to visit this park that I had NO IDEA existed.

Kids Kingdom Park

5300 Main Street

Rowlett, TX. 75088

Park Closes at 10:00pm

Her Review: It was really nice it’s a fun park, anyone can really have fun there.

– Faith

The park has a castle like playground,it’s split one side is for younger kids and the other is for all other ages. There is a large sand box to play inside. She had fun playing on the swings her friend enjoyed the zip line that they had there. Both, at 13 years old really enjoyed the park.

As I mentioned earlier my daughter was invited by a friend but it would be a great place to check out with your kiddos while they are in spring break, i know I will.

“Good Morning Starbucks, I need a liter of coffee intravenously, Thank you!”

Seeing if Starbucks can give me a liter bag of coffee to function today!!

I have been at war with a nocturnal mammal, my 4 year old son!

You know how they have nerf wars? I feel like I’m in one right now but with my toddler!

My Recent tweet from yesterday said:

If being sleep deprived by a restless toddler isn’t enough, try adding the FREAKING paw patrol theme song on the trip to Nana and Papaws house this morning 🙄 #SomeoneShootMe #NotReallyJustTired #TheresNotEnoughCoffee #BlogMom #RaisingToddlers #FixItJesus

I haven’t slept in a few months. I feel like I have a new born baby ugh! I absolutely DO NOT understand how my 4 year old son has managed to get his days and nights mixed up.


Well apparently mine does. So just in case there are some moms that sympathize with me out there, I’ll continue with my vent session.

This is very difficult for me because I’m a single parent which doesn’t mean much because I’ve been married before and my ex husband has a brain of a squirrel running through oncoming traffic. He just doesn’t stick to anything and his thoughts are everywhere.

I handled every thing in my past marriage, so my heart truly goes out to women who are married and get no help from their spouse, been there DONE THAT and now to co-parent with him is an absolute nightmare. He gives my son WHATEVER he wants when he screams, he lets him stay on a tablet all day long, eat junk food and sleep all day just to avoid Josiah’s 4 year old mood swings!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my son but there are some days that I think I’m raising a tiny demon. Sorry, but it’s a fact! I’m sure more moms feel this way, I’m just not afraid to say it.

Now that I’m sleep deprived, feeling helpless and like a crotchety old goat! I feel like I’m slopping into post toddler depression, if that’s EVEN a thing (well it is now). I work a full time job. I need to rest! Especially before I sabotage everything around me.

I’m going to make an attempt, to create a regimen since the kids are on spring break this week hopefully, I can get this child of mine back on schedule!!

I know this is a weird blog because most people usually have the answers before posting but I don’t. So I’m going to do it backwards. I’ve expressed my grief, now I’m going to try a few different strategies since my little guy has practically conquered every method appropriate for a child. So with that being said, If anyone has any tips or tricks that you would like to share PLEASE, leave me a comment!

I will come back and post a follow up blog if I can get this Boy back on days being days and nights being nights so stay tuned. Moms WE WILL WIN, & WE WILL REST 💪🏾

When Pay Day Feels Likes Distribution Day

How I feel about my kids and bill collectors

When all you get it a glimpse of your pay check….

Remember when pay day use to be exciting? No, me neither! Especially since I’ve had children, which has felt like forever by the way.

Before I started working on my budget my entire paycheck was already spent before I could even think about TOUCHING a dollar!

Between kids needing money, bills, school programs, gas, groceries, you name it, my check was spent BEFORE I got paid.

I got tired of living like that! I was full of anxiety and it makes you feel depressed and uncertain about everything your life is centered around. Ever since I’ve been on my budgeting journey (to start was a little painful, might I add) I’ve gone through about 3 small stages and I will blog about more as time goes on but I’m already starting to feel and see results. Below are the 3 steps I’m sure you all are familiar with:

1.) Paycheck to Broke….

We all know that this is. Just as I spoke about this above. As soon as I was paid, I would blink and every dime was already owned by some other business. I literally worked to pay everyone except myself. The benefit was every bill was paid on time. The disadvantage was, I had absolutely nothing left to spend. I really relied on Gods blessings and his grace, I still do but I was even more inclined to need his help and hurting because I wasn’t following the right financial principals and putting them into practice. I was complaining about what I didn’t have rather then being grateful for what I did have. Honestly this got old real quick for me.

2.) Paycheck to Paycheck…

This is where I managed to make my money stretch to where I would have at least $20 left in my bank account. This is where I made my attempt to give up just a little bit to see what would happen. I know to some that amount sounds silly but for me I was thrilled to pieces that my account still had some money in it. I was so happy. I actually fearfully started putting some financial principles into practice! I know small beginnings, but I was able to reach that small step of success by cutting back on some things that I really didn’t need. Honestly this was a great feeling. It lowered my anxiety some when I was driving my car I started running out of gas the THURSDAY before payday and lo and behold I was like I can use $10 to get me to and from work and then I’ll just fill up tomorrow. I was bound to have me some money left in my account at the time. I look back and laugh now but hey I was so proud of myself. So this was where I wanted to start tracking my bills and daily expenses. You would be surprised at how much money we waste throughout the day. Mostly for things we could easily say no to. This was when the light bulb went off in my head that I had way more wants then needs.

3.) Paycheck to Actual Results!!

Eventually I saw results. I started tracking my expenses more often. NO! I haven’t made it rich or anything crazy like that but it sure felt like a great accomplishment to get to my next pay period and have at least $300 left in in my personal bank account, $615 in my emergency fund (almost to my FIRST GOAL of $1000!!) then I have some other additional smaller amounts in other accounts which I’ll talk about in another post later this week.

Budgeting isn’t easy and I see more and more people struggling to make ends meet. I didn’t post this to brag, by all means there isn’t much to brag about. I want to share with all of you that it can be done. I am a SINGLE mother of 5 kids. One in college, one in high school, one in middle school, one in elementary and a 4 yr old on a constant rampage. It GETS PRICEY! especially now that we are living in a world that has so much financial inconsistency. I really want to help others save and encourage them to go on this crazy, scary journey that in the beginning feels like a crooked path that eventually the road straightens out and starts getting clearer. So I encourage you, TRACK THOSE EXPENSES!!  watch your money start to grow.

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