About Us

me.pngMy name is Amber, I’m a single Mother of 5 Children. Being a mom can be the most challenging and exhausting task that we could EVER face. It also has its moments where it’s rewarding and you feel like the proudest person in the world. Its harder to recognize those moments when you are being both parents inside of the household. I know because I raised 4 alone, then I got married, had another Child and then my marriage didn’t last long.

I’ve had my share of sabotage and now that I am back to square one I always get the question from other single mothers saying “Wow, you have 5 kids, I can barely do it with my 2!” Even though that statement always makes me smile, I realized that maybe I should start a blog sharing some inspiration, recipe Ideas for busy days, Tips and Tricks, ways to save, etc. I’ll tell you something that is unique about me. I started my life as a mom at the age of 16. No, I’m not proud of it but I am VERY proud of what a beautiful young lady that I raised. So I want to encourage the young mothers that you can do a wonderful job and accomplish many things if you set your heart to it!

I know that the journey to parenting feels like an eternity! Life really is short and the path that we’re on while raising our children isn’t as long as it feels. I realized how fast life goes by when my oldest daughter became an adult. Don’t let your heart be heavy, raise your babies knowing it is to the best of your ability.


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My Crew!!

Meet Jasmine “Jazz”

My First born. Words cannot explain the trials we shared but there isn’t a day that I regret becoming her mother! She is 21 years old and very driven. She loves playing instruments. Her current talents are the drums, saxophone, trumpet & piano. She is a “Fur” mom to the cutest little doggy named Papi. When she isn’t busy working or attending college. She loves hanging out with her friends, chillin at her apartment or camping in a cabin. Papi the travelling pup pretty much goes where ever she goes. I’ve seen her grow into such an amazing young adult and I know that has a successful future ahead of her.

Papi, The Grandpup

Meet Maddison “The Diva”

I think the picture alone says a thousand words. She’s beautiful, a wonderful singer, pretty much anything she applies herself to she does well. She is 17 at the weird adolescent stage where you think your grown but not quite. She’s a Junior in High School and very involved in her Step team. She has a big heart and a big attitude, you just can’t help but love her! When she grows up she plans on doing hair and makeup and already displays so much talent already. She lights up the room wherever she goes, that’s what makes her special.

Meet Faith “The Artist”

My beautiful girl is full of so much artistic talent. She’s 13, loves to writes, draw anime characters, & has a good eye for photography! She is apart of the journalism club and plays the saxophone in her middle school band. Recently she traveled to Tennessee on a mission trip to help build houses for the less fortunate. I love that about her, she has a heart full of gold and she loves to serve people. I couldn’t feel more blessed to have her as a daughter.

Meet Uriah “Fish”

He is a Momma’s boy and quite the “Fisherman”. At 9 years old I’m sure you all can imagine the things my ears suffer: like fart jokes, belches, etc. but overall he is a great kid. He is in cub scouts. He loves the great outdoors. I like to say he is an old soul. If he could sit up under his pawpaw all day he would (and he tries as often as possible!) he loves babies but most of all he loves his being a big brother even though Josiah can be a handful! He is very caring, sensitive and considerate. I’m almost afraid to see him grow up and pray all the precious traits he has last through his lifetime.

Meet Josiah “Joe”

He is the final of the 5 and the why me? Where’s my wine? Fix it Jesus! Lord have mercy on my soul! 4 year old. If you have multiple children, we all know there’s that one child that’ll make you say ” What in the hell was I thinking?!” Even though I love him with all my life, this phase of his life isn’t exactly my favorite. He is very smart, “very, very”smart. He loves to learn and play. He is a terror by day (and by night). I honestly believe some days, that my son has sucked up all the energy the earth provides, because he is EXTREMELY busy! He is good with his hands, fast on his feet and even though he has a lot of crazy days he truly is the sweetest and most cuddly little guy of all. He starts kindergarten this year. I’m terrified but looking forward to watching him grow up.