How to Get dust off your Flower Arrangements or Plants in under 2 minutes

Ever look at your plants of flowers and sit there and actually try to clean them leaf by leaf or petal by petal? I have! It is the most time consuming task to complete when there’s a list of a ton of other things that I could be completing.

My Mother has this hack that she used to get all the plants in her house looking brand new again. So she decided to try and use them on flowers.

So just to test just how good it is she decided to pull out some faux flowers that she had out of the garage. I’m sure they had years of dust on them but that’s the whole point of this post, to see if she could revive her flowers like she did the plants.

Here is the “Before” picture of the flowers arrangement.

As you can see it’s covered in dust! It looks like all the color is faded off each flower and probably needing a visit to the old garbage can.

Then my Mom pulled out a simple product that almost everyone either has in their house or better yet you can buy it at the Dollar store.

Hairspray!! I had no idea that this could be used for more than “just hair”.

My Mom sprayed her plant and in what would have taken me 30min to an hour per plant to wipe down each petal and still not get the same results. This took probably 2 minutes to revive her flowers.

Here is the after picture of her flowers…

Look how gorgeous this plant turned out! The hairspray brought it back to life and then some in my opinion! It looks real and it’s so pretty.

So if you are doing some spring cleaning or have some crusty looking faux plants around your house get out some hairspray and tackle that tiny little monster! By using this outstanding housekeeping tip.

If you take time to try this, I’d love to know your results. Please leave a comment below!


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