5 ways to Balance Impossible Standards

I saw this clip on one of my friends Facebook pages and it really is a very true statement.

Why is it like this? It seems like the world sets the bar so high for Mother’s and sadly when I was married my Husband was the same way! It was like pulling teeth if I needed help with the kids or wanted time for myself. It’s crazy!

I work a full time job and I’ll tell you what, as a single parent, 5 out of 7 days a week I just want to crawl into my bed and pass out. Life would be grand if I had a personal chef, chauffeur and a housekeeper! Unfortunately that only exists in a perfect world.

Do I feel as though I am being measured constantly? ABSOLUTELY! life is a balancing act for me with 4 kids at home still and anxiety from one being a young adult on her own already and doing pretty good. It’s scary trying to maintain it all.

How do I maintain with all these kids & work?

It’s definitely not easy. I’m pretty sure that’s why when God created the earth he made a family and not a single parent. Good thing is he loves us dearly and even when the widow woman (HELLO, single Mom in the Bible) was down to her last meal with her son God showed up, she was wise enough to recognize his presence and God provided for her, from that point she never wanted for anything again.

5 Ways to Balance Impossible Standards

  1. Pray! Even in all my imperfections and stubbornness at times, I’ve learned that giving God control offers much more peace then when I’m trying to do everything my own way.
  2. Organize your day have your work day planned out as best you can. I usually already know what I need to do before my day starts and I try not to get off task so that I can get off on time. I organize everything by priority. That’s why it’s good to know what is important first and go from there. Doing this lowers anxiety.
  3. Say NO! You can’t be everywhere and you can’t do everything. There are times when we have to stretch ourselves thin buts it’s not all the time. You don’t have to accept every invitation that you or your kids receive.
  4. Don’t overwhelm your schedule It doesn’t make you a better parent if you have your kids in a thousand sports or activities. It’s not cute to be so busy, personally makes me sick when I hear moms especially competing with each other on how many freaking tasks you have a week! Girl PLEASE, chill out! your looking 10 years older than what you are because your exhausted! Caking on makeup to hide your dark circles and taking time away when from your to relax. Plus, What do you have to prove to people who don’t pay your bills anyway? Nothing! So limit them to one sport a season or one activity per child. The world will be ok and so will you!!
  5. If you are married HELP EACH OTHER!!! Don’t be selfish, if you’re both working assist each other with the kids, tasks around the house, etc. it really does take two. For single parents: we don’t have this luxury right now but If you have some amazing parents like I do, that helps me out a lot! If you don’t have parents that can help you, link up and befriend another single parent and try to help each other when you can, it works. For the hitched folks: supporting each other when you are married will always keep you mended. As long as you Keep each other aware of what’s going on and communicate with each other.

Life is challenging, 50% of the issue comes from our lack of planning and overdoing it just to look good. Know your boundaries don’t be afraid to stand firm on your decisions. Don’t allow people or yourself to put you in an early grave. It isn’t worth it. Set your limitations, enjoy your family and live as stress free as possible.


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