Savings Tip 101: Take yourself on a dollar store shopping spree…

There is nothing more refreshing than to be able to spend a little money. Its even better when it’s “guilt free”. I wanted to celebrate my making it a little over the halfway mark to saving my first $1,000.00, but I also didn’t want to be ridiculous and “overspend” either.

As you can see in the photo above I went on a little shopping spree recently. I wanted to show my findings because some people think that the dollar store is for the broke. Personally I believe the dollar store is for the WISE!! Look at ALL the cool stuff that I found. If I were to buy theses products above at a local store like Walmart I would have spent far more than the $16.00 that I spent on the items above.

At the Dollar Tree you can fill up your cart
and feel like you’ve come out on top of the world!

Items I picked up on my random quest:

  • Pink & Gold Shower puff
  • Glad sandwich bags
  • Glad 1 gallon storage bags
  • 4 glass coffee mugs
  • 1 appliance light bulb (refrigerator light went out, YIKES!)
  • Letters for my wall ( Home decor Items! WHAT!)
  • Facial Wipes (Cleans better than the name brand HELLO! Video review Coming soon.)
  • Secret deodorant
  • Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste
  • Coconut body oil spray (smells and feels so good my skin hasn’t been dry all day!)
  • 3 Kitchen Gadgets
  • Aim Toothpicks (gotta clean between those teeth!)

I think I had some pretty great finds on my trip. Saving money is already hard enough but it doesn’t have to be boring. Make it fun by celebrating every small success and take yourself on a dollar store shopping trip! Its fun, I felt like I spent a lot of money (but, I didn’t), and I ended up grabbing things for myself that actually turned out being AWESOME!! (seriously, video review coming soon).

Even though I call it a random quest I did plan for it, I knew I didn’t want to spend more than $20. I’m learning to plan for things, when I make financial decisions whether big or small. It helps me opens my eyes to seeing if the stuff I want to purchase are a need or a want. I’m learning a whole heck of a lot of patience on this money saving journey also. Is it still a struggle? ABSOLUTELY!! but as the days go by it gets a little easier and your heart doesn’t feel as bruised when you have to say no to something.

Saving has opened my eyes to seeing where I really waste quite a few dollars and I’m still adjusting my life to not do that as much. I’m in the process of renewing my mind before I buy things.

For Example:

Old Mind Thought: Its taco Tuesday my car almost auto drives into the parking lot of Taco Casa for 3 tacos and a large sweet tea. Totals about $5.14

Vs. New Mind Thought: I can save the money and make tacos at home and brew my own sweet tea OR just not buy any tacos and keep rolling! Lord knows I don’t need them.

I know that was a bad example but all I’m trying to say is everything is a choice and if you want to save money you really have to think about the outcome of every decision that you want to make BEFORE you spend a dime.

It also helps to have some accountability, find someone to cheer you on. I’m extremely lucky to have someone on my side that encourages me and believes in me, it really helps. This journey is going to be a long one but in the end worth it.

Try to motivate yourself
to save!

What are some of your favorite findings at the dollar store?


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