Family Skate Night!

It’s spring break around these parts so we went out and enjoyed a nice, fun evening skating! It brought back so many memories from when I was a kid. We would go to the skating rink all the time. It was a lot of fun.

I’ve taken my kids before but not often so they were falling and a little rusty.

Faith got the hang of it right away and carefully took her time. You can see that she was feeling that freeing feeling. She was In her own world wearing her beats listening to her own tunes and circling around the rink.

Uriah went straight over and onto the wooden floor fearlessly, he fell down several times until his buns couldn’t take it anymore but I enjoyed watching him go around the rink proud and full of confidence no matter how many people passed him up. He really worked hard to gain his ground and kept pushing.

Then we have Josiah at first he was terrified and shaking. So we removed the skates and sat them on the counter to be returned. As we all know from previous blogs that this child really does the most. So once we put up the skates he starts yelling for the skates. His brother went back and got them. I was so tempted NOT to give them to him because he was throwing a tantrum. Well he got his skates back on and this time we didn’t get scared he actually went out on the rink with me after skating on the carpet for a little while. He even tried to dance with skates on it was to cute!

I had a good time. Back when I was young we just skated like it was nothing. My right hip and legs had the nerve to be sore! I didn’t realize what a workout it is to skate but it was so much fun to share this experience with my kids because it was huge part of my history growing up. Also shout out to my friend for telling us about $3 Thursday’s! You can’t beat that price and it gave us something financial friendly to so during spring break.


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