“Good Morning Starbucks, I need a liter of coffee intravenously, Thank you!”

Seeing if Starbucks can give me a liter bag of coffee to function today!!

I have been at war with a nocturnal mammal, my 4 year old son!

You know how they have nerf wars? I feel like I’m in one right now but with my toddler!

My Recent tweet from yesterday said:

If being sleep deprived by a restless toddler isn’t enough, try adding the FREAKING paw patrol theme song on the trip to Nana and Papaws house this morning 🙄 #SomeoneShootMe #NotReallyJustTired #TheresNotEnoughCoffee #BlogMom #RaisingToddlers #FixItJesus

I haven’t slept in a few months. I feel like I have a new born baby ugh! I absolutely DO NOT understand how my 4 year old son has managed to get his days and nights mixed up.


Well apparently mine does. So just in case there are some moms that sympathize with me out there, I’ll continue with my vent session.

This is very difficult for me because I’m a single parent which doesn’t mean much because I’ve been married before and my ex husband has a brain of a squirrel running through oncoming traffic. He just doesn’t stick to anything and his thoughts are everywhere.

I handled every thing in my past marriage, so my heart truly goes out to women who are married and get no help from their spouse, been there DONE THAT and now to co-parent with him is an absolute nightmare. He gives my son WHATEVER he wants when he screams, he lets him stay on a tablet all day long, eat junk food and sleep all day just to avoid Josiah’s 4 year old mood swings!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my son but there are some days that I think I’m raising a tiny demon. Sorry, but it’s a fact! I’m sure more moms feel this way, I’m just not afraid to say it.

Now that I’m sleep deprived, feeling helpless and like a crotchety old goat! I feel like I’m slopping into post toddler depression, if that’s EVEN a thing (well it is now). I work a full time job. I need to rest! Especially before I sabotage everything around me.

I’m going to make an attempt, to create a regimen since the kids are on spring break this week hopefully, I can get this child of mine back on schedule!!

I know this is a weird blog because most people usually have the answers before posting but I don’t. So I’m going to do it backwards. I’ve expressed my grief, now I’m going to try a few different strategies since my little guy has practically conquered every method appropriate for a child. So with that being said, If anyone has any tips or tricks that you would like to share PLEASE, leave me a comment!

I will come back and post a follow up blog if I can get this Boy back on days being days and nights being nights so stay tuned. Moms WE WILL WIN, & WE WILL REST 💪🏾


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