When Pay Day Feels Likes Distribution Day

How I feel about my kids and bill collectors

When all you get it a glimpse of your pay check….

Remember when pay day use to be exciting? No, me neither! Especially since I’ve had children, which has felt like forever by the way.

Before I started working on my budget my entire paycheck was already spent before I could even think about TOUCHING a dollar!

Between kids needing money, bills, school programs, gas, groceries, you name it, my check was spent BEFORE I got paid.

I got tired of living like that! I was full of anxiety and it makes you feel depressed and uncertain about everything your life is centered around. Ever since I’ve been on my budgeting journey (to start was a little painful, might I add) I’ve gone through about 3 small stages and I will blog about more as time goes on but I’m already starting to feel and see results. Below are the 3 steps I’m sure you all are familiar with:

1.) Paycheck to Broke….

We all know that this is. Just as I spoke about this above. As soon as I was paid, I would blink and every dime was already owned by some other business. I literally worked to pay everyone except myself. The benefit was every bill was paid on time. The disadvantage was, I had absolutely nothing left to spend. I really relied on Gods blessings and his grace, I still do but I was even more inclined to need his help and hurting because I wasn’t following the right financial principals and putting them into practice. I was complaining about what I didn’t have rather then being grateful for what I did have. Honestly this got old real quick for me.

2.) Paycheck to Paycheck…

This is where I managed to make my money stretch to where I would have at least $20 left in my bank account. This is where I made my attempt to give up just a little bit to see what would happen. I know to some that amount sounds silly but for me I was thrilled to pieces that my account still had some money in it. I was so happy. I actually fearfully started putting some financial principles into practice! I know small beginnings, but I was able to reach that small step of success by cutting back on some things that I really didn’t need. Honestly this was a great feeling. It lowered my anxiety some when I was driving my car I started running out of gas the THURSDAY before payday and lo and behold I was like I can use $10 to get me to and from work and then I’ll just fill up tomorrow. I was bound to have me some money left in my account at the time. I look back and laugh now but hey I was so proud of myself. So this was where I wanted to start tracking my bills and daily expenses. You would be surprised at how much money we waste throughout the day. Mostly for things we could easily say no to. This was when the light bulb went off in my head that I had way more wants then needs.

3.) Paycheck to Actual Results!!

Eventually I saw results. I started tracking my expenses more often. NO! I haven’t made it rich or anything crazy like that but it sure felt like a great accomplishment to get to my next pay period and have at least $300 left in in my personal bank account, $615 in my emergency fund (almost to my FIRST GOAL of $1000!!) then I have some other additional smaller amounts in other accounts which I’ll talk about in another post later this week.

Budgeting isn’t easy and I see more and more people struggling to make ends meet. I didn’t post this to brag, by all means there isn’t much to brag about. I want to share with all of you that it can be done. I am a SINGLE mother of 5 kids. One in college, one in high school, one in middle school, one in elementary and a 4 yr old on a constant rampage. It GETS PRICEY! especially now that we are living in a world that has so much financial inconsistency. I really want to help others save and encourage them to go on this crazy, scary journey that in the beginning feels like a crooked path that eventually the road straightens out and starts getting clearer. So I encourage you, TRACK THOSE EXPENSES!!  watch your money start to grow.

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8 thoughts on “When Pay Day Feels Likes Distribution Day

  1. Great post and I swear you are in my head! Uugghhh! The hardest thing about starting a budget is when you are in the hole. 😔
    Will definitely be following you for your techniques.


  2. Every step counts, no matter how small. I love that you took a look backward to see how far you’ve come, andfound a method of budgeting that is working for you. Stick with it, finances are so stressful and having (even a little bit of) savings make such a difference! You got this.


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