Does being a Single Parent Keep you from Starting a budget?

I know that money tends to be tighter when it’s just one person running the household.

Don’t let that stop you from building a safety net!!

Let’s think about it, there are a ton of families out there running off of one budget. Most of them are able to do that because they’re keeping a budget and actually “following” it.

I use to think that a two person household where both have a steady income was so great. Did you know the smart way to budget is to create one around one income? Neither did I. So why not start saving today?

Sometimes we allow our struggle of being a single parent build a stigma in our minds of what we CAN’T do. When in reality we need to train our thoughts to have a mindset of what we CAN do. This year I’m disciplining myself to really do better with focusing on my budget. Living paycheck to paycheck is not the lifestyle that I want to have for my children, but stability is.

What goals do you have for your family?

Below I included a link to the app that I’m currently using for my budget. It’s a free app, you can download from your phone, its not complex and it celebrates your goals as you reach them. Set up your account today and start travelling down your road to feeling financial security.

Visit for a FREE program to help you get started organizing your budget.


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