How Do I Do It With 5 Kids?

This is the ultimate question that I get all the time when people ask me how many kids do I have and I come back with the booming number of 5. I know in spite of any amount of kids you have, raising them can be a challenge. I now have a child in almost each stage of life. I have a toddler, a child, two teenagers and a young adult. My life is totally crazy but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’M ALWAYS BUSY! I think I accomplish parenting literally by the grace of God and this amazing product that I live by that I am going to give you a review on.

I’ve been using this fun, colorful planner for about 2 years now. I like it because it lets me plan and bring out my inner little girl because I can use stickers to decorate and plan. Each planner is a little different but not by much. The one thing that I like about my happy planner is at the beginning of each month I have an area that I can write my monthly goals, birthdays, special events, important dates and things to not forget. I also like the encouraging quotes that are on folders, monthly tabs and some stickers. We all know that anything positive comes in handy because being a mom takes a lot of motivation sometimes. Then you have your regular 30 day monthly calendar I put mostly everything there and if I need any notes I write those along the left of my calendar. The cool thing are the pages between, That’s a great place to meal plan, have individual schedules for your kids, you can utilize that space however you want.

As I’ve mentioned above I’ve had my happy planner for 2 years. I suggest buying the starter kit since it comes with so many additional supplies. Once you get your first planner all you need to do after that is buy the refill pages and extra stickers. You can also add extensions to your calendar as well. They have extension packs that you can plan your fitness routine, recipes, budgeting and cleaning the house. It definitely is a great planner for the busy mom. Click here   If you’re looking for a good way to simplify your families schedule by purchasing a happy planner today!

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