10 Inexpensive Ideas for Spring Break…

Spring Break 2019

Its almost time for spring break. The kids are getting excited and there are some parents out there that are dreading the that the kids will be home all week long with nothing to do. If you can afford a little mini vacation GREAT!! if you can’t, its still GREAT!! but that doesn’t mean that you have to be rich to do some fun things with your kiddos.

Winter is about to finally come to an end (THANK GOD) I live in Texas and we have had one of the strangest winters that I’ve experienced in a long time. Spring is upon us so now its time to soak up the sun and enjoy this time with your family. I’ve provided a list of 10 things to do that are little to no cost to you. I based this on a family with 5 children. I live in the Dallas Ft Worth area so hopefully this will be helpful to people in this area for certain things that will be on my list and people who live out of state maybe you can glean from this as well.

1.) Go Geocaching together as a family.

In my previous post, I talked about a fun staycation that you can have with your family. Geocaching is like going on a treasure hunt. If you have Netflix you can pair your journey with watching “National Treasure” and then take your kids out to search for the Geocache. Its fun, gives the excitement of searching and they really find something. Its a fun and addictive activity to do together as a family.

2.) Check out the local $Dollar$ movie theatre

Most of the dollar movie theatres regularly have special deals where you only pay like .50 cents or .75 cents per movie ticket. I smuggle in a few treats I get about $3 worth of candy and make them share it by splitting it up in little Ziploc bags and I pop popcorn at home and do the same thing ( I KNOW!! some say bad mom I say WAY TO GO MOM SAVE THAT MONEY)

3.) Take a trip to Dallas Museum of Arts ITS FREE!! (Dallas Area)

The Dallas Museum of Art received a huge donation that allowed the entire museum to be free. What an outstanding thing to do!! Whomever it was just allowed an opportunity for our children and ourselves to be exposed to some amazing arts and they always have little project that the kids can do for FREE in the children’s area.

4.) Visit Klyde Warren Park (Dallas Area)

Take a little picnic for the kids and visit Klyde warren park. Sometimes they have some fun activities during the day and some evenings. They have a reading area where you can grab a book while the kids play on the playground.

5.) Hop on the Trolley in Uptown (Dallas Area)

Its always fun for kids to catch the train, a bus or a trolley. I guess the excitement of not being in a car. Well you and the kids can take a ride through uptown on the Trolley for FREE.

6.) Visit the African American Museum in Fair Park (It’s Free)

This is a wonderful Museum of the rich History of African American life in the Dallas area Featuring local artist, artifacts, etc

7.) Visit Freemans Cemetery ( Dallas Area)

I know, I know, who would take their kids to a cemetery for fun? again this is another part of the rich history of Dallas. Its not a scary or creepy Museum. This is where slaves were buried. I try to instill in my children the fight that our ancestors put in for our freedom. They appreciated the visit but it is what you make of it.

8.) Have a Family Game night

No video games, no tablets or cell phones but an old fashion game night. One of my our favorite games is Mad Gab talk about hilarious! This game has always brought us to tears of laughter when we played. You can make a couple of pizzas as a family for dinner and then play some games. Loads of fun!!

9.) If the weather is nice, go fly a Kite!

Usually the wind picks up so why not go to the lake and fly kite. Just being by the water relaxes me. Sometimes its just as rewarding for the kids to get some fresh air and take in the scenery. You can fix up a little picnic or just take some snacks (if your kids are anything like mine, their stomachs are bottomless pits) and a few drinks depending on how many kids you have.

10.) Visit the Local State Parks and Take a Nature walk

No matter what state you live in, they all have State parks and if your lucky you might have some national parks in your area. Its a small fee to enter but worth it. Its usually FREE for 12 and under. They have free Junior Ranger packs and they will assign one per family but each kid gets an activity book. Inside the backpack it has binoculars, activity books, crayons, magnified glass, and a few other fun thing to prepare you for an exciting nature walk. Don’t forget to bring your reusable water bottles and snacks. Lots of walking is great exercise but it could be draining so hydration and snacks to fuel energy is IMPORTANT!

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